Blue Bodega Nyc - CAP CANDLES

Blue Bodega Nyc - CAP CANDLES

Blue Bodega from New York City.

Not all graffiti artists can burn a wall, but all of them can definitely burn a candle. Classic spraypaint caps reimagined as sweet smelling candles. Get your home smelling funky fresh- it might even beat the smell of paint fumes.

+Soy Scented Candles
+Blue Dot Stock Cap (WHITE) -'First Spray' (AKA Jasmine scent)
+Banana Cap (YELLOW) - 'Emergency Exit Dust' (AKA Lavender scent)
+NY Fat Cap & Adapter (WHITE AND BLUE ADAPTER)- 'Rusted Cans' (AKA Vanilla scent)
+Caps are shown for scale purposes and not included